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Back with Henry(直野)

Neutralgrip latpull 5sets Low row 4sets T-bar row 4sets Cable pullover 4sets Cable latpull Dropset n restporse

Chest with KING-MASA(直野)

Incline bench press 4sets Hammer declinepress 3sets + Dropset Cable cross 4sets MC chest press(overgrip n neut

Triceps n Biceps(直野)

Cable tricep pressdown(ropegrip) 3sets Cable tricep pressdown(bargrip) overgrip-undergrip Supersets Cable over

Legs (直野)

DB incline bench 3sets  Smith reversegrip bench 60reps Lat pull 3sets Bent row 60reps Squat 4sets Leg ext

Shoulders with KING-MASA(直野)

DB side raise 100reps(Warm-up) DB shoulder press 4sets EZ-Bar front raise 3sets Cable uplight row Dropset Pec


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